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About TheGrinder.LIVE Talk Show

The Grinder.LIVE is a late night cannabis talk show that deals with real issues and real stories.  Our show is leading the nation offering live interviews 5 nights a week, Wednesday – Sunday, from 8 p.m. -11 p.m.

The Grinder.LIVE is a platform for local dispensary owners, processors, growers, cannabis related businesses, activists, cannabis activist groups and communities to share important events to showcase their talents and issues.

Each night we highlight one to three guests where we learn what makes them unique and what their journey has been in the ever changing and growing cannabis community.

Our Story

Larry and Carri met and joined forces early March 2019 and introduced the Chronic Roll up to the Chronic Palooza- Oklahoma’s first largest medical cannabis friendly event hosted at the State Fair Park of Oklahoma City.  The Chronic Roll up was born and they hosted a 12 night straight marketing campaign shot live to promote and market this major event.  With Larry’s expertise in broadcasting and Carri’s expertise in marketing each night they invited guests on the show who were sponsors, patients, activists, booth participants, bands, artists and went live to Facebook to show the community what the event was bringing to the great State of Oklahoma.

On 4/20/19 Chronic Palooza at the Fair Park at the State Fair of Oklahoma that had over 10k attendees and a world record was set for the largest number of patients to be seen at a cannabis event with recommendations from over 1,200 patients on one day.  Because the event and the efforts of the Chronic Roll up was such a success both hosts decided to spin off and THE Grinder.LIVE was born!

Meet the Team

Larry Reed, the Man On Weed, an on air personality that joined Cannabis Network Media in 2014, since then he has covered the cannabis world and have reached over 5 million people, focusing on the medicinal properties of the plant along with the industrial and recreational aspects.  Larry’s focus has been traveling to every major cannabis event nationally and provide live broadcasting from industry events and bringing the experience to a world wide audience.

Carri Chronic -a native Okie and the owner of Chronic Brands in Oklahoma has been in the sales, marketing and professional staffing and employment arena for over 25 years.  The goal of the Chronic Brands is to be the one stop shop for anyone needing assistance in ancillary businesses pertaining to the the cannabis industry.


Carri Chronic

Chronic Brands CEO & Founder


Larry Reed

The Man on Weed